The Finacy Curriculum

Our team is working hard to help your kids grow into financially literate and confident adults.

Original post on: Oct 9, 2022

You might be familiar that Finacy is the financial literacy app for kids. Our team of former teachers, curriculum creators, designers and developers are working hard to help your kids grow into financially literate and confident adults. Unfortunately, as we’re learning, financial education in the US (and the world over) is heavily lacking and is started much later in schools than it should, in pretty much every state (in a future blog we will cover these limitations in schooling curriculums state by state). 

We’re working hard to create a curriculum that is both approachable for all kids (regardless of walks of life) and a platform that can be flexible enough to teach your kids topics that YOU deem relevant based on your parenting style. We figured it might be useful to share in a concise post what exactly we cover in the curriculum. We will regularly update this post to reflect a summary of the most up to do curriculum as it’s found on the Finacy platform. Our curriculum is broken down by age group. Here’s the summary of the curriculum your kids can work through on Finacy:

Age 5 - 8 years old:

  • What is Money? (Kids learn that money is something that helps us get “goods” and “service” that provide for our “needs” and “wants”. We dive into these concepts to build a foundation to work off of.)
  • Goods and Services - In depth (coming soon)
  • Why different things have different prices (coming soon)
  • Earning Money (Kids make the connection between money and work. They learn about what are different forms of work that help people get money)
  • Making Spending Decisions (Kids get a basic sense of the idea of “trade-offs” and that because no one has unlimited money, we have to choose between different options when it comes to buying goods and services (i.e. making trade-offs). We outline the value of providing for our needs before our wants and briefly introduce the idea of a budget.)
  • What is a Bank (coming soon)

Age 9 - 12 years old (coming soon, the following are lessons that we’re currently creating for the platform):

  • Why Money Matters
  • Setting Goals & Make a Plan (budgeting)
  • Saving Your Money
  • Investing Your Money
  • Donating Your Money
  • Exploring Career Choices
  • The Financial System (Part 1)

Age 13 - 16 (Under development)

Have any further questions about the Finacy platform? Shoot us an email at and we would be happy to help!

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